We first spoke about Markdown in general to try to have a better idea about it. The purpose of Markdown is:

  • provide a good HTML output;
  • be easy to read.

Initial list of questions/topics

  • Version control: e.g. diff function
  • how to facilitate "track changes" with MD — collaboration?
  • how does Markdown support collaboration?
  • everything with 3 settings: private, group, world
  • critic Markup for annotations, comments
  • comments (good for supervising/collaborative work)

Main questions discussed

Which needs for Markdown support collaboration?

  • version control
  • comments
  • settings: private, group

Which collaborative environment to use for Markdown?

  • Google Docs: good to find papers, take notes on a given document together, good for version control
  • Github: solves the problem of software community development
  • Gitlab: enables posts on a wall, privacy settings, Wikis… etc

Other suggestions: Markdown template for formatting (CSS).